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Double-wall Tank

for Fuel

Leading Product in Latin America. Double Safety.

Arxo’s double-wall tank for gas stations is made up of two walls, one of ASTM A36 carbon steel and the other of laminated fiberglass. Between these walls, there is an interstitial space for the installation of electronic sensor for monitoring, which ensures quality and safety in the storage of fuels and efficiently protects the environment.

Advantages Arxo

Arxo is Latin America’s leader in sales and production of double-wall tanks for gas stations; this leadership and expertise lends us the credibility that we will deliver a product with quality and safety.

Arxo’s double-wall tank is manufactured with environmental responsibility and technological innovation:

A double-wall tank with special coating, according to UL 1316.
It complies with all requirements of environmental law in all states of Brazil.
This model uses the thermosetting resins with the highest quality in the market.
It has a manhole with removable stud bolts, which allows the change without degasifying the tank.
It has a partition with mechanical resistance by folds, with dissipation of forces up to 20 tons of pressure between the compartments.
It has high resistance to continuous fueling and defueling of the compartments.
It shows fitting of the rings with submerged arc welding; also uniformity of the welding and mechanical resistance of the fitting.
Own technology for tacking the rings and mounting the tank.

Components of the tank

  •  Metallic tank,
  •  Manhole,
  •  Monitoring tube,
  •  2 suction tubes,
  •  External coating (double-wall) made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP).


Quality and safety tests

Dimensional; welding visual test; penetrating liquid; X-ray; leakage; holiday detector; interstitial communication; leakage in the double-wall; interstitial vacuum; hardness Barcol test; double-wall resistance to impact; resistance and leakage of the double-wall; test of strain in the connections (torque and bending moment); resistance of the lifting loops.



Automobile fuels.

Manufacturing norms

NBR 16161.

This norm establishes the general requirements for manufacturing cylindrical tanks, with single coated walls or double-walls, which are projected for underground storage of fuels in gas stations and other retailers.  

Reference Norms

UL 58, UL 1746, UL 1316 and NBR 13781. 

Manufacturing process of the double-wall tank

Volume Compartment Division Diameter Length Theoretical Mass in kg
15000 One - 1910 5400 1600
15000 One - 2549 3000 1850
20000 Pleno - 2549 4000 2600
20000 Two 10/10 2549 4000 2900
30000 One - 2549 6000 3200
30000 Two 15/15 2549 6000 3600
30000 Two 10/20 2549 6000 3600
30000 Three 10/10/10 2549 6000 4000
60000 One - 2549 12000 6400
60000 Two 30/30 2549 12000 6800
60000 Three 20/20/20 2549 12000 7200
60000 Four 15/15/15/15 2549 12000 7600


Manufacturing process of the double-wall tank




Double-wall Tank for Fuel

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