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Underground Tank

for Arla Triple-wall

First Triple Wall Tank in Brazil

Arxo, which is the pioneer in manufacturing double-wall underground tanks for Arla in Brazil, has innovated once again: it has launched a triple-wall underground tank to store fluids which is special for gas stations and other retailers.

There are three walls that ensure absolute safety to prevent leaking and allow the maintenance of Adblue with its original characteristics, which is common in the storage of gallons.

The manufacturing process is unique and pioneering in Brazil. Besides, it is Arxo’s own technology, which allows excellent cost-benefit.


Brazilian Norm NBR 16161


The primary tank is made up with plates of ASTM A36 carbon steel with an internal HDPT coating (the only one which has contact with the Adblue); the (external) secondary tank is built with reinforced fiberglass, which was specially developed to support automobile fuels. The interstitial space between the walls is filled with a separating material similarly to double wall tanks.

The manhole and adjacent connections are made up with stainless steel; the structure of high-density polyethylene is manufactured without the use of pigmentation.

Additionally, the tank does not use suction tubes because the manhole is suited for submerged pumps.


10, 15, 30, and 30,000 liters


Underground Tank for Arla Triple-wall

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